4-day summit on VR in VR
October 27-30, 2018 • On Dextra app • Live panels in AltspaceVR
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What is the Dextra Global VR Summit?
The Dextra Global VR Summit is a 4-day summit on VR in VR. It is an online conference aiming to share the experience and insights of pioneers and professionals in VR to the thousands of VR creators of tomorrow, along with the ability to network with peers in similar or complementary professions related to VR.

It is a four-day-long online event hosted on the Dextra platform. Anyone can attend the summit from their computers or phones without having to spend any time or money on travel.

Live panels powered by AltspaceVR
dextra plus alt VR
We want you to get the most out of this summit and for that, we have partnered with AltspaceVR for our live panel discussions with speakers. You can join in using any PC or daydream enabled android phone and take part in the discussions and interact with our panelist.
all VR devices
Virtual summit. No travel required.
Get access to 4 days of VR content (Speakers,
Panels, Demos and more)
Covering the entire landscape of VR over four days.
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How VR interacts with the world?
for VR enthusiasts
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Games and VR
Explore with our panelists how VR games are the next big thing in gaming. Games are the easiest to transition to VR and therefore are one of the biggest points of development of the VR industry itself.
Luis Paolino
Art Director, Gree VR Studio
Sports & Live Events in VR
In the field with the players, or in the stadium with the fans, you get to choose your experience, your Point of View. Learn about the challenges behind taking the sports experience from the field to your couch.
Saswat Panda
Co-founder, CTO, LiveLike
Entertainment in VR
Hollywood 2.0 is here. A new dimension has opened for storytellers and filmmakers. Learn about how to create in this new world and what mistakes to avoid from those who have been working with this technology from before you might have not even heard of it.
Nancy Bennet
Chief Creative Officer, Two Bit Circus
Tourism and VR
Tourism will never be the same again, you could be in New York at one moment and New Delhi the very next. Switching locations is easy, how will this change the world of VR? And what opportunities are going to open up?
Daniel Sproll
CXO & Co-founder, realities.io
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The Dextra Global VR Summit is our attempt to nurture budding talent in VR from across the world and help them get access to insights from the pioneers in this new and exciting art form.
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