Amid cheerful wishes and tearful joys, In her exhausted arms lay the just-born boy. Eyes welled up as the mother looked at his face, And welcomed her child with an embrace. Too many responsibilities on the company's head, "The boss never smiles.", his employees said. Little did they know that when the boss was done for the day, He'd go to the room where his children would come after school and stay, Then his two naughty kids the father would chase, And at last give his darlings a warm embrace. His dull job took away all the fun, When a certain youngster grew up and life really begun. But on meeting his college buddies, He would feel a sense of belonging, a sense of peace. And when the whole gang would meet in their old place. The young man knew that nothing made him happier than his squad and their easy embrace. Facing obstacles, and overcoming them everyday, Tired and worn-out she sometimes lay, in her husband's lap; he would then soothe and hug his wife, She knew she'd be okay whenever she embraced the love of her life. Lying in pain on his deathbed , Having millions of memories, regrets, and things left unsaid. Yet even though he knew he was left with only a limited number of days, Life seemed fulfilling; whenever his grandchildren he would embrace. -Aastha Koul
3 years