How would you define a tick? A sign? A symbol?

How would you define a tick? A sign? A symbol?

Something that your test papers were devoid of or maybe replete with? Or the testimony of being correct? But wait! Outside the purview of tests and exams and scores, what is their relevance; the meaning of their existence? ( if at all there is one ) Well , how about the ticks in a whatsapp chat ? The sole grey tick, the double grey ticks and of course the funny blue ones. Why do I call the blue ones funny you say ? Well, they 're all funny and enigmatic in their own ways. The single grey one brings with it judgement and partly worry ; "Never mind, the guy is always out of data or why on earth hasn't he received it ? The double grey ones are all about bewilderment and logical (or illogical) application "If he received the message 3 minutes back, what's keeping him from replying? Or his party has take precedence over me again! Great!" The double blue ones, when accompanied by a reply are all cool but it its absence, can really play with you mind "how rude can she be? I mean doesn't she have 2 seconds to reply?" So, you see what ticks can do? -Urvashi Dixit #Oghma #Ticks #Writers
3 years