Maybe that's where I went wrong, I held it like sand in a clenched fist, and inevitably, it slipped away. It was when the trees and the houses stopped moving with me, it was when the road to my parent's house got engraved in my head, and the mundanity began to kill me slowly, really slowly. It was when I was there at one place and yet I wasn't, because my mind wandered off to some different place. It was no more a journey for me but just a conventional path. Maybe I should have never left the place where I grew up. Or maybe, I should have never looked back? Or maybe it is because I never stayed in a place long enough to call it home. But now it is too late because there is no more sand in the clenched fist, And now it has become clear to me, That the feeling of belongingness has shred off, That the image of home has blurred. It has been replaced by the fear of never being able to be at home again. - Heeranshi Sharma #Oghma #Road #Journey #Belong #Places #Writers
3 years