Sometimes there is absolutely no reason to be unhappy, even if there is reason to be so, we don't find the actual reason why we feel so! Why we feel so broken down, depressed, stressed or unhappy!! The reason can be the pressure. But it's shocking sometimes we realize that pressure is on us, but we still can't concentrate on anything, we think of releasing the pressure everytime, but the time passes & passes & we strangely pass the time by doing nothing ;thinking of many things to do. No plan works out. More strangely we look for the reason to be depressed but don't find it! Because we actually don't think of only our pressure or our works everytime. So, if we imagine that this is not only the cause, there may be other causes, ya, there may be million of causes! But sometimes we feel bad for nothing. Ain't we? What's the reason! Why!! Why!!!!
3 years